December 04, 2020

A Guide to Effortless Bracelet Stacking

By Sarah Essex
A Guide to Effortless Bracelet Stacking

There is an art to wearing jewelry. It’s often not as simple as tossing on your favorite necklace, bracelet, and earrings and walking out the door. The styles, the material, and the colors all must be taken into consideration to create the perfect jewelry harmony. Here’s our top five tips for honing the craft of effortless bracelet stacking.

1. Stack at least 3 bracelets. 

To really make your bracelets a stack, you need to push yourself beyond two bracelets. Personally, I find five is the magic number when it comes to stacking, but three is a good starting point. 

2. Add a charm. 

For true effortless stacking, include one or two charmed bracelets in your collection. This is where you really get to express yourself. You may want to include a monogrammed charm, a pave diamond, or a colored gemstone. The possibilities are endless!

3. Use a pop of color.  

Silver and gold are timeless classics, but when it comes to stacking it’s good to add a pop of color. Mix your metals or add a colored gemstone into the mix. If you are a color fanatic, challenge yourself to make a rainbow stack. 

4. Vary the bracelet size. 

A perfect stack should feature varying sizes. Maybe one bracelet is beaded and another is chain link style. Variety is key!  

5. Confidence!

Last but certainly not least, confidence! Jewelry has the magic power to boost our confidence. Let the process of picking your jewels add a bit of happiness to your day. Express yourself through your jewels.


The Hamilton Grace Designs Team