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  • How To Order One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry

    How To Order One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry
    Jewelry has the special power to make us feel beautiful and loved. A piece of jewelry might remind you of your grandmother, your significant other, a vacation, a graduation, a birthday, or some other cherished life moment. At Hamilton Grace Designs, we want to make your jewelry dreams come true. We offer custom orders because we want the jewelry that you wear or gift to be one of a kind and uniquely you. Whether it is a treat yourself moment or a gift for a loved one, it is an honor to offer you handcrafted jewelry for life's milestones. Here are all the answers you need about ordering custom necklaces with Hamilton Grace Designs. 
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  • A Guide to Effortless Bracelet Stacking

    A Guide to Effortless Bracelet Stacking
    There is an art to wearing jewelry. It’s often not as simple as tossing on your favorite necklace, bracelet, and earrings and walking out the door. The styles, the material, and the colors all must be taken into consideration to create the perfect jewelry harmony. Here’s our top five tips for honing the craft of effortless bracelet stacking.
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  • The Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide: Top Picks for Your Loved Ones

    The Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide: Top Picks for Your Loved Ones

    Wondering how to add a little sparkle to the holiday season? Look no further than our jewelry gift guide. Jewelry gifting is for the extra special people in your life. We have something unique for the aunt who likes to make a statement, the girlfriend who has everything, the grandma who likes gifts from the heart, and even the perfect piece for YOU to spruce up your holiday outfits (never forget to show yourself some love during the holidays!). Here are our top five picks and who they would make the perfect gift for. 

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  • It's My First Post!

    Diamond pave carabiner clasp on gold-filled chain necklace

    Wow, I'm excited to do this! I have been so nervous to put myself out there because it's so far out of my comfort zone, but challenge is good! For my first blog I thought I'd share a little bit about me and how I started designing jewelry.

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